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 What is a frenum?

A frenum is a large muscle that is usually located between the front teeth.  It is very strong muscle that can push teeth apart and /or cause recession.  

  • A labial frenum is the piece of tissue that is connected between the upper lip and the gum tissue.
  • A lingual frenum is the piece of tissue that is connected between the tongue and the gum tissue on the inside of the lower teeth (aka "tongue-tied").


Why do I need a frenectomy? 

Your orthodontist or dentist may have recommended that your frenum be removed.  When the frenum attaches close to the teeth, it can cause the teeth to separate even though braces have brought the teeth together.  The teeth are more susceptible to gum disease as the seal between the tooth and the gum can be disrupted as the frenum moves.   A frenum may also cause recession, or pulling on your gums, to cause them to pull back from your tooth.    

What is a frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a simple procedure which a laser-like instrument is used to release the muscle attachment.  There is no longer this dense band of tissue driving the teeth apart.  The position of the teeth will be much more stable after the braces are removed.  The periodontial condition is more stable as well.





What should I expect on the day of the procedure?

You and your parent should plan on spending about an hour in Dr. Chang's office on the day you have a frenectomy.  The procedure itself only takes about 30 minutes.  You can expect mild soreness/swelling in the area later that day, so you may want to rest and avoid sports or other strenuous activities the day/evening of your procedure.  You should be able to resume activities the day after the procedure.


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